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Over the years I have had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside some of the best in the industry to create some truly amazing products. Whether you wish to soar thru the clouds in the latest turbo prop, or swim silently under the waves exploring exotic locations, I can help make it happen.

 I have worked with a myriad of toolsets including, Unity, Fuel, Granny, Presagis Creator, and the Crytek Sandbox editor to name a few. Regardless of the toolset and regardless of the project, the end result is the same. To make the most amazing product we can, in the least amount of time.

 I understand that every project has its own unique set of challenges to overcome. I thrive on the unexpected issues that we all face. Whether you need to come up with unique solutions, or need help with asset wrangling, I can help. I have led teams on both large and small scale projects, and I understand the delicate process that it takes to outsource effectively. I understand how to manage my time effectively to produce the highest quality assets in the shortest amount of time with the tools I have available. I truly love what I do. I am seeking those that are also as passionate about making games as I am. The best part about making games is watching the enjoyment those games bring to people. If you wake up every morning excited to get to work, then let's talk.                                                                                 


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